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5 Animal-themed Kid's Birthday Snacks

Planning a themed kid’s birthday party can be a challenge (how many kids in how little space? yikes!), but with a little imagination, you can turn a party into a celebration of animals: Throw an food-art-themed bash, complete with a menagerie of delicious treats!

1) Whale Kix Snack

Your little party people will have a whale of a good time with this sweet apple snack!

 kix whale apple snack

2) Baby Seal Snack

Want to hear squeals? Everyone loves seals. Seriously, who can resist that sweet smile?


3) Panda Bear Snack

Create another irresistible animal buddy with this easy bear snack.


4) Owl Snack

Who loves you, birthday baby? This owl snack, that’s who!


 5) Reindeer Snack

A holiday character favorite, a cute reindeer can also be a great theme starter for a winter birthday party.


kix reindeer snack



five animal birthday snacks