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Four Leaf Clover Paper Plate Crown

four leaft clover crown

Need a quick St. Patrick’s Day craft with little mess? This fun hat is easy to make from a paper plate and some construction paper. An alternative would be to color the paper plate with markers or crayons, eliminating the use of the glue stick and paper. Either way it’s fun, easy and fast!

Four Leaf Clover Paper Plate Crown

You will need:

Paper plate
Green and yellow construction paper
Green pipe cleaner
Glue stick
Clover pattern

tear up construction paper for four leaf clover crown

Tear the construction paper into strips and then the strips into squares. Turn the paper plate upside down and cover the center of the plate with glue stick.

glue green pieces of construction paper

Cover the center of the plate with pieces of green construction paper. You can use scissors to trim off the overlap. Next, cover the outer edge of the plate with glue stick.

glue yellow for the gold crown

Cover the rest of the plate with squares of yellow construction paper. Turn the plate over and trim off the excess.

trace and cut four leaf clover guide

Print and cut out the pattern of the half-clover. Fold the paper plate in half. You can fold it from either side, inside or out, whichever you find easiest. Place the straight side of the pattern along the folded edge of the plate. Cut along the center circle of the plate, cutting out the clover sections LEAVING the stem in place.

use pipe cleaner to support clover

Fold at the stem to stand the clover up. Fold it back down and turn the plate over. Cut a pipe cleaner in half and glue to the center of the clover. This will provide stability and allow it to stand up on its own.

Project created by Amanda Formaro for Kix Cereal. Amanda is a well-known craft expert and has been writing and crafting on the Internet for over fifteen years. Find out more on her blog, Crafts by Amanda, where she shares tutorials with step-by-step photos for adults and kids alike.