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Good Luck Grape Skewers: Spanish New Year's Traditions

Originating in Spain, many Latinos usher in their New Year (or Año Nuevo) by eating 12 grapes at each stroke of midnight on December 31st. It’s a Spanish tradition that promises prosperity and good luck in the new year – and who doesn’t need a little good luck in their lives? These Good Luck Grape Skewers make a festive and beautiful presentation, perfect for a New Year’s Party. Small hands can help put them together, and eat too!

good luck grape skewers

To make the Good Luck Grape Skewers, you’ll need:


Star-shaped cookie cutter

Grapes, at least 12 for every guest

1 Pineapple, trimmed and sliced

grape skewers ingredients skewing grapes

Skewer the cleaned grapes onto your skewers – 12 grapes for long skewers, 6 grapes for each shorter skewer. Interchange red and green grapes randomly. Be sure to leave enough space at the ends to add your pineapple star.

cookie cutter pineapple stars

Trim and slice the pineapple into rounds. Using your star shaped cookie cutter, make enough pineapple stars to top each grape skewer. Arrange the Good Luck Skewers in vases and as your table’s centerpiece on New Year’s Eve.

This recipe craft is perfect for even three or four year old kids to help with. While you’re assembling your Good Luck Grape Skewers, chat with your little one about the Spanish tradition and hopes for the new year. Latinos relish in celebrations of the Año Nuevo as an extension of Christmas festivities. Use this simple recipe craft as a way to further promote an understanding and appreciation of Latino heritage.

desumama grape skewers desumama good luck fruit skewers

Vanessa is a Latina mom raising bicultural and biracial children. She aspires to live a bilingual life and documents her family’s legacy and positive parenting values through crafts, food culture and love letters at De Su Mama: Building a Legacy to Multiracial Children.