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Kid Science: Sound Vibrations Science

At its most simple, the science of sound is about how air moves, causing parts of your ear to vibrate. It’s a tricky concept to explain to kids, but this fun instrument-building experiment lays the groundwork for helping children understand the concept as they get older. Watch how to make your own in our latest kid science video:


Make a Craft Stick Kazoo

You will need:

Tape, construction paper, 1 large and 2 small rubber bands, craft sticks and scissors.

Wrap a strip of construction paper around a craft stick to get the right length – you’ll want it to be long enough to wrap around four times.

kid science noisemaker_1

Trim it to the perfect length, refold and tape.

kid science noisemaker_2

kid science noisemaker_3

Stretch a long rubber band the long way across one craft stick.
kid science noisemaker_4

Add the taped construction paper strips to each end.
kid science noisemaker_5

Now layer on the other craft stick with the two smaller rubber bands.

kid science noisemaker_6

Kazoo time! Kids will get a kick out of how the vibrations tickle as they play.