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Kid Thank-You Envelope Card

Getting gifts is great, until Mom makes you write thank-you notes for every single one. But I figured out a way to bring thank yous to a whole new level of fun this year with this easy-to-make, inventive Thank You card. Create the card with built-in envelopes for secret messages, decorate it to fit your style, and show your appreciation to someone you love.




Two pieces of construction paper

Glue Stick




Decoration Supplies (optional)

Thank You A_Materials 


B_Half Fold

Set all materials aside except one piece of paper. Fold this paper in half, then fold the half in half. Tape the bottom of one of the quarters together. Do the same with the other. This should create pockets in the side of the card.


Trace the card twice onto the other paper.


Cut out the tracings.

E_Cut Out

Fold a tracing in half, then the other.

F_Trace Fold

Spread glue onto an outer half of a tracing. Do the same on the other tracing.


Slide the gluey side of a tracing into one of the pockets of the card.

H_Slide 1

Repeat with the other tracing on the other pocket of the card.

I_Slide 2

Let the glue dry, then decorate the card as you wish.


Write a note or thanks on a small piece of paper, and slide it into an envelope. Then give to the one you love!

ThanksCard Image Final


Emilia H. is an eighth-grader and  first-time blogger—and an avid Kix eater. Favorite flavor: Honey Kix! Favorite pastime: Making stuff.