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Kids Craft: Solar Light Constellation Jar

Capture the power of the sun to create the night sky with our simple craft, a cute solar light Constellation Jar. You can recreate your favorite star charts, or create completely new constellations with this simple dollar store craft.

Constellation Jar Craft

We found all our supplies at the local dollar store, but you can shop your recycling bin for a recycled glass jar and disposable aluminum pan.

What You Need to Make a Constellation Jar:

Constellation jar supplies

  • Glass jar with a lid (we used a Mason jar from the dollar store)
  • Disposable metal cake pan
  • Outdoor solar light
  • Scissors
  • A towel
  • A ball-point pen
  • A pin

To Make the Constellation Jar:

DIY Constellation Jar

1. Parents Only: Trim a rectangle from the bottom of the disposable cake pan. The rectangle should be about as tall as the inside of your jar, and as long as the circumference around your jar.

Parents: Supervise children closely when they handle the metal because once it’s cut into a rectangle, it can be sharp.

Constellation Jar - Punching holes for constellations

2. Place a towel on your work surface. This will make it easier to punch holes through the metal, and will protect your surface from getting scratched or damaged.

3. Put metal rectangle on the towel, then punch holes through the metal with a ball point pen or a skewer. Create constellations, if desired.

Constellation jar: punching holes

4. To create smaller stars, use a metal straight pin to punch holes. Parents: supervise your child while they do this.

DIY Constellation jar with solar light and mason jar

5. Parents, roll metal rectangle to fit through the mouth of the jar, and insert into the jar.

6. Remove the stake from the solar light and place light inside the jar. Replace lid.

DIY Solar Constellation Jar

Enjoy your light show!

DIY Solar Constellation Mason Jar Craft

You can also use this hole-punching technique to create other designs in your lantern such as hearts, happy faces, names, etc.

Heather Mann is the mother of four boys, and is constantly on the lookout for fun games, activities, and recipes to keep her busy boys, well, busy. She designs and shares clever crafts with a frugal twist at her site Dollar Store Crafts and ideas for being the best mom ever (on a budget) at Dollar Store Mom.