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Make a Miniature Maypole Craft

Celebrate spring and the first day of May with a miniature version of a traditional May Day craft: a maypole! We used recycled paper towel rolls to make a tabletop version of a maypole. Use this maypole as a table centerpiece or as a party decoration.

Maypole crafts from recycled materials

We used artificial flowers in our maypole craft, but you could also decorate it with handmade recycled egg carton flowers.

What you need to make a maypole:

  • Paper towel roll
  • Recycled cereal box
  • Colored paper
  • Recycled aluminum foil rolled into a ball
  • Artificial flowers
  • Ribbon
  • (Parents only): Hot glue and glue gun
  • Scissors

1. Cover a paper towel roll in colored paper, and secure with hot glue (adults only).

2. Cut one side from a Kix cereal box, and cover with colored paper to create the maypole base. Hot glue the roll to the base.

3. Glue ribbons to the top of the pole. Roll recycled aluminum foil into a ball shape, and glue to the top of the pole. Glue artificial flowers to the ball.

Maypole embellishments

4. Glue flowers to the base of the pole.

5. Braid ribbons, or wrap around maypole.

Maypole craft

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