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Paper Plate Clock Craft

Make a fun craft that will help your kids learn all you need to know about telling time: a paper plate clock! This craft uses supplies you already have on hand, or can find at the dollar store.

Paper plate clock craft

You can find paper plates, brads and letter stickers at the dollar store. If you want to save time, skip a step and just use a marker to write on the paper plates instead of using stickers.

What you need for this paper plate clock craft:

  • 2 paper plates
  • Construction paper
  • Letter and number stickers
  • A brad
  • A marker and a pencil
  • Age-appropriate scissors

Making a paper plate clock craft

1. Cut lines at the top, bottom, and both sides of a paper plate. Then, cut two lines between each of the four cuts to create the hours on the clock.

2. Mark a center point in both paper plates, and poke a hole with a pencil.

3. Put number stickers on the clock face, numbering from 1 to 12. Or, just write them with a marker.

4. Under the 12, write “o’clock.” Next to the 3, write “quarter after.” Above the 6, write “half past,” and next to the 9, write “quarter ’til.”

Paper plate clock craft

5. Cut two hands for the clock out of construction paper. Make sure one is longer than the other.

6. Label the long hand “hour” and the short hand “minute.” We used letter stickers, but you can also label them with marker.

7. Attach the minute and hour hands, and the two plates together in the center with a brad.

8. Label the bottom plate with the minute counts, using stickers or a marker. For instance, under the 1, write :05, under the 2, write :10, and so on.

Paper plate clock craft idea

Heather Mann is the mother of four boys, and is constantly on the lookout for fun games, activities, and recipes to keep her busy boys, well, busy. She designs and shares clever crafts with a frugal twist at her site Dollar Store Crafts.