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Boredom Buster: Paper Plate Crown Craft

Kids can rule the land with this fun and simple paper plate crown craft. Fit for a king or queen, make sure to have a lot of feathers, glitter, poms and stickers on hand to really give a paper plate crown the royal treatment.

paper plate crown kids craft

You will need: 

Paper plates


White craft glue

Decorations: glitter, pom poms, feathers, stickers, markers, paint, etc.

pie lines for cutting

First, paint or color a paper plate. For purpose of this post, we’ve left our plate plain. Next, to make the crown points, start at the center of the inside of a plate and cut four lines diagonally (as if you were cutting pie slices) stopping about two inches from the edge of the plate.

folded crown points

Fold each  of the triangles back to form your crown points. Add final decorations using the white craft glue. Once dry, you are now ready to begin your royal reign!