Kix Cereal

Recycled Cereal Box Snowman

This recycled cereal box snowman is a great craft to do anytime with supplies you have laying around the house! Gather an empty cereal box and any fun supplies you could possibly use.  Check the recycle bin, the garage and your leftover craft stash for all kinds of items! Start by covering the cereal box with paper, paint or duct tape.


Next add bits and pieces to make the snowman your very own.


A scrap of fabric with painted polka dots makes a great scarf. A carrot hot glued on for a nose and cereal for the perfect smile.


Painted wooden balls make up this snowman’s eyes and arms from a straw. His buttons are actually rubber chair glides found in the garage!


Add a fun paper cup party hat and this snowman is ready to play!


You could even make a large snowman with different size boxes!

Allison Waken is a kids’ activity and craft guru always ready to try something new. See more on her blog, All for the Boys, where she features activities and crafts that inspire creativity, play and interaction.