Kix Cereal

KiX Cereal Snack Mix

Finger foods are great for travel, the playground, or even just hanging out at home. They’re also super for your kid’s sports activities since you can make them for a quick and easy on-the-go snack. Making your own snack mix means that you decide what goes into it, giving you the control over what your kids eat.

Cereal Snack Mix -

This fun snack mix, which is also great for heading back to school, is made up of KiX cereal, dried fruit and small crackers. We used KiX Honey Cereal, dried cranberries and cherries, fish-shaped crackers, raisins and bear-shaped graham crackers.

Cereal Snack Mix -

Simply combine items in a bag, you choose the quantities, and seal to close. To make this a tasty lunch box treat, print off these free bag toppers to tie on and your child will smile and think of you while he/she enjoys their snack!

Cereal Snack Mix -


TIP: Make up a large batch of snack mix and store in a gallon sized storage bag for quick access. This makes it easy to refill or pack lunch bags each morning.

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