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Spooktacular LED Halloween Decorations

Help your kids give your Halloween decorations a little more creepiness by adding a little DIY LED light to them.  It’s super easy, quite inexpensive, and all you need to do to get the lights up and running are to take a quick trip to an electronics store.


To add LED’s to your Halloween project, you will need three things:

1) 3 Volt Battery
2) LED
3) Black electrical tape

Simply take the LED and slide it over the battery.  Make sure the long side of the LED is on the + side of the battery.  Then take a piece black electrical tape (enough to wrap the battery) and secure the LED to the battery and bend the LED to fit appropriately.


Take your paper Halloween decoration (you can use store bought if you want to make this quick and easy) and punch holes where you want the eyes and push the LED’s through.  On the back of the head, tape the battery to the back side so it is secure.  After this is done, tape a string to the tail and hang it to the ceiling.


In addition to being simple to make and attach to paper crafts, LED’s are quite durable and can be added to things like jack-o-lanterns. They can even be frozen in ice!   It’s a neat way to make your Halloween idea extra spooky and teach your kids about electricity.