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Play with Your Food: 4 Fun Waffle Games

Sometimes it actually is okay to play with your food. Turning waffles into board games, and blueberries and Kix cereal into playing pieces, certainly makes waking up much more fun. And the math and logic skills hidden in these games are an extra bonus.



How to play waffle games:


You will need:


Playing pieces (blueberries and Kix cereal)

One die (only for Waffle survivor)

*For the waffles, I used my Belgian waffle maker and Bisquick Complete Pancake and Waffle Mix. You may use any size waffles you like and any recipe you prefer.


Waffle Survivor.


Who will be the last one standing? Blueberry or Kix?

How to play: This is a one or two-person game. The object of the game, if two players, is to have your pieces remaining when the opponent’s are gone. If there is only one player, the player places a bet on blueberries or Kix to win. You will need one die to play this game. To start: Drop a blueberry and a Kix onto the waffle from 12 inches above. Whichever piece lands closest to the center of the waffle goes first. Fill the waffle holes on one half of the waffle with Kix and one half with blueberries, as shown above. If there is an extra row in the center, divide the cavities between the blueberries and Kix, and leave one empty if there are an odd number of cavities. The side going first rolls the die and eats the number of squares of the opponent’s side of the waffle as shown on the die.


Repeat, alternating sides, until one side loses all their pieces.



Sorry, blueberries. Looks like Kix won this round.



Waffle Reversi.


This classic game dates back to 1883, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t playing with waffles. You might also know this game as “Othello.”

How to play: This is a two-person game. The object of the game is to have the most pieces (Kix or blueberries) on the waffle when it is filled. To start: Each player puts two of their pieces as shown above close to the center of the waffle. For each turn, the player places one of their pieces at the end of a row that has their own piece on the other side and the opponent’s pieces between. All of the opponent’s pieces in that row are eaten and then replaced by the player’s own. A “row” can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal, and one piece placed may take several rows at once in any direction, but you must have both of your pieces flanking the opponent’s pieces to take that row. TIP: Try and land the waffle’s edge!


For example, above: In the first square, the blueberry puts a piece where circled and gets to eat and replace the piece above to take that whole column. In the second square, Kix puts a piece where circled and takes the horizontal row. In the third square, blueberry puts a piece where circled and takes the vertical column. In the last square, Kix puts a piece where circled and takes the two blueberries above to take the whole column.

So, who won? Count them up and let’s see.


Kix wins again!!



Waffle Jump.


Can you get down to one blueberry or Kix? I’m proud to say I did it. And I didn’t even cheat for the photograph.

How to play: You can play this game with one player, or, alternate turns and make it a two player game. The object: To have as few playing pieces left as possible. You may use either blueberries, Kix cereal or a combination of both as playing pieces. To start: Fill the waffle with playing pieces, leaving one cavity empty. On each turn, take one piece and jump another piece, and land in an empty cavity. Remove and eat the jumped piece. Continue until you can’t make any more jumps. Looks like blueberry finally wins one!


Did you have three pieces left? Great job. Two pieces? Excellent! Challenge yourself each time until you’re left with only one piece.



Waffle Tic Tac Toe.

Keep it simple and just play an old favorite: Tic tac toe. Stick to the center of the waffle for this two-person game, blueberries vs. Kix. Three in a row wins! Or, branch out on the waffle and let four or five in a row win.



Meaghan Mountford, author of Sugarlicious: 50 Cute and Clever Treats for Every Occasion, has been creating crafty sweets for 15 years. She is especially fond of decorating cookies, marshmallows and putting sweets on sticks. See more on her blog, the decorated cookie.