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Recycled Craft: Cereal Box Accordion Album

Done with your cereal box? Then turn it into a recycled craft like an accordion album — a simple handmade book that can be filled with photos, drawings, or a special message for a friend.
Recycled craft for kids: Cereal box accordion album

In addition to using recycled cereal boxes, this craft is a great way to use up scratch paper, bits of decorative (or recycled wrapping) paper, stickers, leftover ribbon and yarn.

What you need to make a recycled cereal box accordion album:

  • Recycled cereal box
  • Paper
  • White glue
  • Ribbon
  • Decorative tape
  • Scissors

Kids Craft: Recycled Kix cereal box accordion album

1. Open the recycled cereal box along the flaps and seams until it’s flat.

2. Cut two same-sized rectangles from the box. We cut the side of the box off and used it for our rectangles. These are your book covers.

Kids craft: Recycled cereal box accordion album

3. Cut strips of paper that are about 1/2″ narrower than your cereal box book covers. We folded paper at the desired width, and then opened up the paper and cut on the fold.

4. Fan-fold paper strips so that they are small enough to fit inside the cereal box book covers without sticking out. Trim excess paper.

5. To create a longer accordion, glue several strips of paper together.

Recycled craft for kids: cereal box accordion album

6. Glue a long ribbon on the inside of one of the cereal box covers.

7. Glue the edge of the paper strip to the inside of one of the cereal box covers. Glue other side to the inside of the other cereal box cover.

8. Decorate or cover the outside covers with paper. When you’re finished, cover the edges of the album with decorative tape.

Recycled craft for kids: cereal box accordion album

Fill the accordion album any way you like! Use it as a mini scrapbook, a photo album, a birthday card, or as a tiny journal.

Recycled craft: cereal box accordion album

Tie the ribbon around the album to keep it closed.

Recycled craft for kids: Kix cereal box accordion album

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