Father's Day Craft: Dad & Kid Handprint Fish

Fish Handprint Father's Day Craft

Handprints are precious reminders of how small our kids are — and how fast they grow! Capture a kid handprint (and compare it to Dad’s) in this cute Father’s Day craft: fish handprints reminiscent of Clownfish (just like in Finding Nemo.) To create a cute underwater scene, collage brightly colored paper and craft foam sheets […]

Baseball Clipboard for Coach Dad

Baseball Clipboard for Coach Dad

Does your dad coach your little league baseball team? Or maybe he’s just a huge baseball fan and needs something fun and practical keep his paper in order. Either way, this baseball themed clipboard is a perfect gift for Father’s Day or his birthday! You will need: Clipboard White and red Duct tape Cutting mat […]

Paper Plate Sea Crab craft by @amandaformaro

Paper Plate Sea Crab

Summertime means spending time at the beach, and for many families, a trip to the ocean! Talking to kids about the different animals that live in the ocean is always fun, and creating a craft to make one is even better. Instead of your everyday flat paper plate crab, I’ll show you how to make […]

Paper Plate Hamburger

Grilling season is here and it’s time for picnics and barbecues by the dozen! Here’s a fun project to celebrate summertime that the kids will love. They can make up their own special condiments too, the sky is the limit! This makes a great homemade decoration for Memorial Day too! You will need: Paper plate […]

Imagine That: One Cereal Box. Go.

Kids are amazing makers—just load them up with craft supplies and let them go. Help your kids build their imagination with these fun project starters, all building off of a single recycled cereal box. Duct Tape Recycled Robot   DIY Cereal Box Piggy Bank   Cereal Box Monsters

4 cereal box craft kits - great way to organize activities for summer

4 Cereal Box Craft Kits for Summer Crafts Organization

Craft kits are a great way to entertain kiddos during the long days of summer. Here are four fun themed craft kits that contain great summer crafts and activities; decorated cereal boxes provide a portable container that helps organize craft supplies. Keep kids interested in their craft supplies by dividing them into kits, then rotate […]

April Showers Bring May Flowers Diorama

Water Cycle Diorama

Have your kids ever asked where rain comes from? This fun projects helps kids understand the water cycle and where water comes from. The U.S. Geological Survey has an in-depth kid friendly water cycle diagram that’s not only fun to look at, it’s also interactive! Kids can mouse around the different areas of the diagram […]

Large Motor Skills: On the Move

Developing large motor skills is one of the ways that children make the leap to fun activities like riding a scooter or kicking a ball. These craft activities will get then excited to play in ways that build big muscles! Pool Noodle Lightsabers   Paper Cup Shakers   Cereal Box Superhero Mask

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