Berry painting -- with frozen blueberries

Play With Your Food: Berry Paintings

Looking for a way to inject some fun into snack time? Get artistic with your food, and create some fun berry paintings. It’s all right to play with your food in this sweet summer activity! Berry painting is a great activity for children who are old enough to eat berries — I love to use […]

Pet Crafts: Dog Food Scoop and T-shirt Toy

Pet Crafts: Dog Food Scoop and T-shirt Toy

Getting kids to help with the family pet early on is always a good idea. It instills a sense of responsibility, teaches them that animals must be cared for every day, and gives them something to do that they can be proud of! Food and exercise are an important part of your child’s life, and […]

DIY Adorable cardboard playhouse

Make an Adorable Cardboard Playhouse

There’s nothing more fun for kids to play with than a cardboard box, except maybe a really cute cardboard box! Need a fun activity to fill a summer afternoon? Make an adorable cardboard playhouse out of a large box and some dollar store supplies. Inspired by a sweet trio of cute cardboard houses at A […]

Homemade Cloud Dough Recipe

Make Homemade Colored Cloud Dough

Who’s ready for some entertaining messy summer activities? Have hands-on fun with this simple recipe for homemade colored “cloud dough”: a soft, moldable powdery dough that provides tons of tactile fun for kiddos. What You Need To Make Colored Cloud Dough:   A plastic bin 8 cups of flour 1 cup of baby oil Non-toxic […]

Statue of Liberty Crown and Torch Noise Maker

Statue of Liberty Crown and Torch Noise Maker

Liberty Island in New York Harbor is home to the Statue of Liberty. The statue was a gift to the United States from the people of France. Originally the statue was constructed in France, shipped to the U.S. in crates and was then assembled on its pedestal on Liberty Island. The statue commemorates the American […]

Kix Mustache & Tie Banner Craft

Mustache and Tie Banner

Are you throwing a party for Father’s Day? Then you’re going to need some fun decorations, and this homemade banner will be the perfect accent on your mantel or wall! Have fun picking out mustache designs and colorful patterned papers so you can make this project your own. You will need: Colorful patterned scrapbook papers […]

Observation Skills: Red, Yellow and You!

It’s a basic science concept, and one that even the youngest kids can understand: Red, yellow and blue combine to create orange, green and purple. Explore colors with your little ones in these three awesome projects. Magical Color Transfer   Rainbow Breakfast Bento Box from our friends at    Painting with Ice Cubes

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