Paper Plate Kite by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

Paper Plate Kite

Temperatures are climbing upward and kids are finally able to spend more time outdoors. Kite flying is perfect for outdoor play as it’s often quite breezy as the weather patterns are changing from season to season. But what about the younger set who really aren’t old enough to fly a kite of their own just yet? […]

Socktopus craft - use a recycled sock to create a cute octopus

Kids Craft: Sock + Octopus = Socktopus!

What do you do when your sock loses its match? Get crafty, of course! Use your lone socks to create a fun octopus craft that makes a great decoration for your playroom. These are so much fun and easy that you’ll want to make lots. If you need more socks, you can find inexpensive colorful […]

Fine Motor Skills: Practice with Scissors

Young kids develop fine motor skills through practice, practice, practice. Here are three fine motor skill projects that use (kid-safe) scissors to create crafts that they’ll love to display and play with! DIY Glow in the Dark Stars Family Photo Puzzle Craft Family Memory Cards

Recycled Craft: Make a Rainstick

A rainstick is a long tube-like instrument that makes a sound like rain falling when it is turned over and over. It’s easy to make a kid-friendly rainstick out of a recycled paper towel roll and some items from your kitchen and craft room. What you need to make a paper towel roll rainstick: A […]

Sensory Learning: Build Observation Skills

Stimulating a kid’s senses with tactile projects is a great way to get little ones to learn about the world around them. Here are three sensory projects that offer little ones hands-on opportunities to experiment, create and explore. Pot O’ Gold Rainbow Salt Art Painting with Ice Cubes Magical Color Tranfer

Paper Plate Easter Characters by @amandaformaro

Paper Plate Easter Characters

Easter is a great holiday for families to gather together and do fun things with the kids to celebrate the coming of spring. There are several animals used to represent Easter, the most commonly known of course is the Easter Bunny, but chicks and sheep are also associated with this colorful time of year. Gather […]

Cereal Box Sandbox

Summer is on its way, but if you just can’t wait to get outside in that sandbox, bring the joy indoors!  Or for, er, less tidy kids, to the front porch? You can turn a cereal box into a play zone. Let the kids decorate the box any way they like with paint, stickers or […]

Recycled craft: April Showers bring May Flowers Clothespin Wreath

Recycled Craft: April Showers Bring May Flowers Clothespin Wreath

What’s the best part of April Showers? All that rain helps the May Flowers grow! Here’s a fun rain and flower-inspired craft to make: an April Showers May Flowers clothespin wreath. Have fun arranging and rearranging this clever wreath, which is made of mostly of recycled materials. We recycled a cereal box and cardboard egg […]

Walking Cereal Box Animal Puppets

Sure, you can make cute animals from a cereal box. But cereal box animals that move and groove are even better. The paper towel rolls allow you to walk these guys around any which way. Or run. Or even sit. Basic shapes, such as circles, rectangles and triangles, make up these animals, so anyone can […]

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