A Rainbow of Explosions

  Using three very common household ingredients, things you most likely have in your pantry, you can create an explosion of rainbow colors that will wow the kids! The best part about this little kitchen science experiment is that children can be involved from beginning to end, all you need to do is show them […]

Magical Color Transfer by Amanda Formaro for KixCereal.com

Magical Color Transfer

Have you ever wondered how plants are able to feed themselves from the ground upward? It’s called “capillary action”, which means the movement of water within a porous material, like a plant’s roots, or in our case, a paper towel! This fun science project is great for teaching kids about how plants feed, and it’s […]


Do your kids love mini-science projects? Like if you think they’d like to make this fun goop! 1. Add a quarter size amount of glue in a disposable cup. 2. Add 2-3 TB liquid laundry starch and a drop of food coloring. 3. Mix with plastic spoon until mixture comes together into a goopy mass. […]

Fluffy Surprise

Looking to beef up your kids’ science skills, and have fun in the process? Mix together two boxes of cornstarch, one can of shaving cream, and food coloring. You and your kids will end up with a fun, moldable, fluffy surprise! (You may want to do this outside.) Find more great experiments on our Facebook […]

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