Naked Egg Science Experiment

This cool science experiment will show your kids that, through osmosis and chemical reactions, you can strip an egg of its hard outer shell using vinegar! With a few things from your kitchen and a bit of patience you can create a translucent, rubbery egg! The Steps: 1. Carefully place an egg into a cup. […]

DIY Solar Constellation Jar

Kids Craft: Solar Light Constellation Jar

Capture the power of the sun to create the night sky with our simple craft, a cute solar light Constellation Jar. You can recreate your favorite star charts, or create completely new constellations with this simple dollar store craft. We found all our supplies at the local dollar store, but you can shop your recycling […]

painted planet sandwich

Astronomical Lunch: Painted Planet Sandwiches

These colorful sandwiches combine art, crafts, an astronomy lesson, and lunch all in one. While they aren’t exactly to scale (I’m afraid an accurate Mercury to Jupiter ratio would be impossible), a set of different sized circle cookie cutters will let kids learn about differences between the planets. They can paint each planet in the […]

How to make rainbow bubble snakes

Outdoor Activity: Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Everyone loves bubbles! Here’s a unique way to create long strands of bubbles using recycled materials and ingredients from your kitchen. These rainbow bubble snakes are simple to make, but a bit messy, so take them outside for some sloppy fun! What you need to make rainbow bubble snakes: A recycled water bottle A sock […]

DIY Water Filter Experiment

This kid experiment shows you how to create a simple water filter and watch how large particles and dirt are slowly filtered out of water. The Experiment Steps: 1. Have an adult cut the bottom off a plastic water bottle and poke a hole in the lid. 2. Place a coffee filter into the water […]

Kid Science: 5-Minute Ice Cream

Making ice cream is a delicious way to learn about science and the changing states of matter and chemical reactions. When salt is added to ice it causes it to melt, but also lowers the freezing temperature. This chemical reaction between salt and ice creates a very cold environment for the cream to start to […]

Kid Science: Making (Sound) Waves

Sound waves are a tricky scientific concept, but the basic idea is: the slower a sound wave is, the lower it sounds. Tap on the side of a glass of water, and you create sound waves. If the glass is full of water, the sound wave gets slowed traveling through the water, and the pitch of the sound […]

Kid Science: Propulsion

Need a fun science activity that teaches air pressure and propulsion that the kids will want to do over and over? This is it!   The steps: 1. Tie string to a hook or post. 2. Pull string taut. 3. Feed string through straw. 4. Blow up balloon. 5. Tape straw to balloon (without letting […]

Observation Skills: Get Back to Nature

Nature gives kids so many ways to practice observation skills, whether it’s an experiment that helps them understand how plant roots absorb water or helping provide shelter for bees. Check out these three fun activities that combine a love of nature with an appreciation for science! Food-Coloring Carnations   Recycled Soda Bottle Terrarium   Make […]

Kid Science: Polymers

Polymers are groups of molecules that are connected to create a tangible object. Like plastic. The polymers in plastic are flexible, and actually move to form around a pencil poked through the bag to create a seal so that water doesn’t flow through. Try this experiment out to see polymers in action! The steps: 1. Pour water […]

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