Kix Science: Bubble Magic Experiment

What do you get when you mix oil and water? Nothing—because they don’t mix at all! Try this experiment with your kids and see how water will actually float through oil, carried by tiny air bubbles!

Kix Science: Kid-Created Colors

There’s an art to science—and a surprising amount of science in art! Here’s a fun way to learn about how colors mix to create new hues, and your chance to create new colors with your kids!

Kix Science: Boy oh Boy oh Buoyancy!

Science doesn’t have to happen in a lab or under a microscope—you and your kids can learn by doing your own experiments with stuff you have on hand, like some Kix cereal! Here’s a fun and easy way to introduce a child to the concept of buoyancy. Have fun!

Painting with Ice Cubes from @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

Painting with Ice Cubes

Here’s a fun project to do on a wintery or rainy day. Keep a tray of these in the freezer for those “I’m bored!” moments. Great for impromptu crafting or art time and kids love it! To paint pictures with ice cubes you will need: Ice cube tray Food coloring Water Craft sticks Aluminum foil […]

Create an Artbot!

What’s an artbot? It’s a cute, funny, unpredictable, made-by-kids way to encourage creativity! Check out how recycled materials, a few markers and one tiny motor can create a great learning experience for kids.

Snowman Soap Experiment by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

Snowman Soap Experiment

This super fun science experiment doubles as a cute craft that is great for DIY gift giving. Parents, you will probably be tempted to take a bar of Ivory soap to the office after witnessing this, just be warned, the office microwave will smell soapy clean afterward! In this experiment you’ll discover that microwaving a […]

Make an LED-Light Postcard!

Your kid will love making this LED-light postcard with you because they get the chance to add a super-bright spot to their artwork—and you’ll be sneaking in a little learning time about how an electronic circuit works! To make an LED postcard: You will need: Craft supplies (Construction paper cut into your desired size, markers, […]

Your kid can be a Coder!

Google Creative Labs recently released Coder: a simple way for parents and teachers to teach kids how to write code for the web. It’s simple, inexpensive and gives kids the power of programming for the web. WHAT YOU NEED TO GET STARTED To get started, you’ll need some hardware: Raspberry Pi Model B single-board computer 5V […]

Hot Air Balloon Bottle - @amandaformaro

Kid Science: Hot Air Balloon Bottle

Every year in New Mexico, the world’s premier balloon event takes place called the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. The event runs from October 5-13 and is considered the largest ballooning event on earth! Over 600 hot air balloons will take to the skies and cameras will be at the ready. In fact, this event is […]

Watch Hot Air Rise

Watching a spiral magically turn makes the idea of heat rising easy to understand: All you need is a piece of paper, thread, a lamp, a curious kid and these simple step-by-step instructions from Carrots Are Orange.

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