Kid Science: Sound Vibrations Science

At its most simple, the science of sound is about how air moves, causing parts of your ear to vibrate. It’s a tricky concept to explain to kids, but this fun instrument-building experiment lays the groundwork for helping children understand the concept as they get older. Watch how to make your own in our latest […]

Observation Skills: Science Smarts

Science experiments are a great way for kids to try out “what if” ideas plus learn about the world around them. Check out these experiments that even the youngest scientists can do (with a little help from grown-ups, of course!). Rainbow Explosions   Melting vs. Freezing   Colorful Crystals

Kid Science: Food-Coloring Carnations

Here’s a fun science experiment that shows kids how plants “drink” water—and you can even see how it travels through the petals! Water travels up the stem of the flower to the petals and eventually evaporates into the air. This is called transpiration – here’s how to see it in action! The steps: 1. Add […]

Kid Science: Make Ooey Gooey Slime

Nobody can resist digging their hands into homemade slime—and it’s a great opportunity to talk to kids about the properties of solids, liquids—and something that’s both! Watch for a quick overview on how to make your own slime at home; step-by-step instructions are below.   You will need: 4 oz. glue, water, 1 tsp. borax […]

Sensory Learning: Hands-On Exploration

Sensory experiences are essential to a young child’s development. The more senses that are engaged in a learning experience, the more they can practice memory, analyzing and observation. These three projects offer great opportunities to talk to your kid about what’s alike and what’s different, and using all five senses to learn about our world!   […]

Fine Motor Skills: Moving and Making

Using scissors, holding craft sticks in place, applying tape: All these small movements are essential to giving kids the practice they need to take on handwriting and other skills. Check out these three fun projects—each one’s a great way to practice and build fine motor skills! Boredom Buster: Paper Plate Flying Disc   Kid Science: Craft […]

Kid Science: Egg Geodes

Creating colorful egg geodes teaches sedimentation and crystallization–and sparks a love for science and learning! The alum powder on the egg gives the alum particles in the water a place to attach themselves as they crystallize. The steps: 1. Start with clean, empty eggshell halves. Add glue and spread evenly with a paintbrush. 2. Coat […]

Kid Science: Colorful Crystals

A fun project to do with your kids to teach solubility, evaporation, solids vs. liquids as well as the science behind how crystals form! The steps: 1. Start by mixing 1/2 cup epsom salt with 1/2 cup hot water until completely dissolved (about a minute or so). 2. Add 10-15 drops of food coloring and […]

Kid Science: Melting vs. Freezing

Here’s a fun experiment to help kids understand that salt makes ice melt. The scientific concept is the melting point, where salt affects the freezing point of ice and turns it back into water. But if that’s too complicated for your little one, this experiment makes it easy: Take ice, add salt, and use food […]

Kid Science: Craft Stick Chain Reaction

There are some scientific concepts that kids understand intuitively—but it’s great to build on that knowledge to show how science happens in everyday life! Here’s a fun kid science experiment that teaches the difference between potential and kinetic energy. You’ll need craft sticks—the more you have, the bigger a chain reaction you can create! 1. […]

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