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Kix Food Art Under The Sea 1

Food Art: Under The Sea Snack

This yummy fruity under the sea snack will have your kids begging for seconds.  Jammed packed with their favorite fruits and veggies, not to mention their favorite cereal, this is one delicious snack that will bring a huge smile to your kid’s faces.   What You’ll Need   Ingredients: 1 celery stalk with ends sliced off […]

Kix Food Art American Flag 1

Food Art: The American Flag

Independence Day is right around the corner and this American flag snack is a perfect way to help your kids celebrate this holiday.  With just 2 ingredients, you won’t believe how easy it is to make –  your kids will even love helping you make it!   What You’ll Need Ingredients: 1 large slice of […]

Statue of Liberty Crown and Torch Noise Maker

Statue of Liberty Crown and Torch Noise Maker

Liberty Island in New York Harbor is home to the Statue of Liberty. The statue was a gift to the United States from the people of France. Originally the statue was constructed in France, shipped to the U.S. in crates and was then assembled on its pedestal on Liberty Island. The statue commemorates the American […]

Kix Mustache & Tie Banner Craft

Mustache and Tie Banner

Are you throwing a party for Father’s Day? Then you’re going to need some fun decorations, and this homemade banner will be the perfect accent on your mantel or wall! Have fun picking out mustache designs and colorful patterned papers so you can make this project your own. You will need: Colorful patterned scrapbook papers […]

Food Art: Sandwiches For Dad

I’m always making cute foods for my kids and they absolutely love it. When the kids wanted to do something fun for their dad for Father’s Day, I figured we could make some cute food for him too! Your kids can make their Dad a personalized sandwich that looks just like him, and Dad will […]

Kid Science: Making (Sound) Waves

Sound waves are a tricky scientific concept, but the basic idea is: the slower a sound wave is, the lower it sounds. Tap on the side of a glass of water, and you create sound waves. If the glass is full of water, the sound wave gets slowed traveling through the water, and the pitch of the sound […]

Father's Day Snack Mix

Being a Dad is hungry work, isn’t it? Mix it up this year with a fun Father’s Day Ties n’ Mustaches food gift. Present the snack mix to Dad in a little paint can favor box along with his favorite beverage. Or just in a big bowl, which I’m sure will please him just the […]

20 Great Tips for Cooking with Toddlers

It’s not uncommon for parents to shy away from having their little ones heavily involved in the kitchen, whether it’s because they’re afraid of them hurting themselves or simply because they dread the impending mess that can result. However, there are plenty of ways to get your toddlers into the kitchen and cooking with you […]

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