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Amazing Kid Inventions: Earmuffs!

Did you know that a kid invented earmuffs? Chester Greenwood was 15 in 1873 when he had tufts of fur sewed onto wire, which he’d wear while iceskating. He would go on to make and manufacturer these earmuffs for the next 60 years. That’s the creative power of kids!

Have Fun With a Healthy Snack

Finding creative ways to talk about vegetables opens up your kid’s imagination – and makes eating veggies more fun. Here’s an idea: Broccolli florets are actually trees, and your kid is a giraffe!

Fluffy Surprise

Looking to beef up your kids’ science skills, and have fun in the process? Mix together two boxes of cornstarch, one can of shaving cream, and food coloring. You and your kids will end up with a fun, moldable, fluffy surprise! (You may want to do this outside.) Find more great experiments on our Facebook […]

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