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DIY Solar Constellation Jar

Kids Craft: Solar Light Constellation Jar

Capture the power of the sun to create the night sky with our simple craft, a cute solar light Constellation Jar. You can recreate your favorite star charts, or create completely new constellations with this simple dollar store craft. We found all our supplies at the local dollar store, but you can shop your recycling […]

painted planet sandwich

Astronomical Lunch: Painted Planet Sandwiches

These colorful sandwiches combine art, crafts, an astronomy lesson, and lunch all in one. While they aren’t exactly to scale (I’m afraid an accurate Mercury to Jupiter ratio would be impossible), a set of different sized circle cookie cutters will let kids learn about differences between the planets. They can paint each planet in the […]

Clothespin Airplanes for Preschoolers

There are plenty of really cute crafts out there, but sometimes the steps to make those crafts can be a bit daunting for young children. Paint is super fun, but it’s messy and due to drying time, doesn’t always mesh well with a preschooler’s attention span. Buying colored craft sticks is a great alternative and […]

How to make rainbow bubble snakes

Outdoor Activity: Rainbow Bubble Snakes

Everyone loves bubbles! Here’s a unique way to create long strands of bubbles using recycled materials and ingredients from your kitchen. These rainbow bubble snakes are simple to make, but a bit messy, so take them outside for some sloppy fun! What you need to make rainbow bubble snakes: A recycled water bottle A sock […]

Kix Food Art Octopus 1

Food Art: Octopus Veggie Dip

This octopus veggie dip is a great way to encourage your kids to eat more vegetables.  It’s really easy to make and it’s a great snack for kid’s parties and play dates.  Your kids – and their friends – are going to love it!   What You’ll Need Ingredients: 2 orange bell peppers 3 slices of […]

Kix Food Art Sailboats 1

Food Art: Sailboat in a Kix Sea

These yummy sailboats floating in a sea of Kix cereal are sure to please your little ones this summer.  This delicious snack is loaded full of fresh summer fruits and your kids’ favorite Kix cereal.  Get your kids involved in the kitchen and ask them to help you make this!  It’s easy to make and […]

DIY Water Filter Experiment

This kid experiment shows you how to create a simple water filter and watch how large particles and dirt are slowly filtered out of water. The Experiment Steps: 1. Have an adult cut the bottom off a plastic water bottle and poke a hole in the lid. 2. Place a coffee filter into the water […]

Easy Face Paint Recipe

DIY Face Paint Recipe

Add color to your life with this quick and easy face paint recipe. Face paint is great for parties, summer barbecues, and other events, but it’s also a lot of fun any old time. You don’t need a reason! Kids will be entertained for hours by painting each others’ faces. Our face paint recipe is […]

Kix Food Art Starfish 1

Food Art: A Starfish Snack

Are you looking for an easy and fun snack to serve the kids this summer?  This starfish snack is perfect.  It’s full of fresh fruit, and contains kid-approved Kix cereal.  It can’t get better than that and I think your kids will agree!   What You’ll Need Ingredients: 2 slices of star fruit 1 raspberry 4 […]

4th of July Patriotic Parachute

This is such a fun project to do with the kids this Independence Day. Send their favorite toys up in the air for a high flying, parachuting, 4th of July celebration! The steps: 1. Cut about a 10″x 10″ square from a plastic grocery bag. 2. Tie individual pieces of string to each of the four corners. 3. […]

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