Flashlight Storytime

Flashlights have long been a favorite “toy” to kids. There’s just something about piercing the darkness with a light to see what’s all around you that is so fascinating! Take storytime up a notch by making flashlight filters to create a fun and unique flashlight story. All you need is a flashlight (or two), construction […]

4 Fun Ways to Craft With Paper Plates by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

Paper Plate Aquarium

Create a miniature underwater world with a paper plate and colorful paper, adding Kix cereal to the bottom for a textured touch on this paper plate aquarium. For this paper plate aquarium you will need: 2 light blue paper plates (or plain plates painted light blue) Colored paper Googly eyes Handful of Kix cereal Colorful […]

4 Fun Ways to Craft With Paper Plates by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

Paper Plate Party Animal

Is your kid a total party animal? Here’s a totally fun activity to make and use at your next celebration: a paper plate monster face using a party blower for a tongue! Great for New Year’s or for birthday parties—or heck, celebrate any day! To make this paper plate craft, you will need: 1 paper […]

4 Fun Ways to Craft With Paper Plates by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

Paper Plate Noise Maker

Shake things up at celebrations with a fun, easy paper plate noisemaker you can personalize for the occasion! Whether it’s a family gathering (complete with all-generation dance party) or the New Year’s countdown, these inexpensive party favors are great for keeping little ones busy before and at the big event. To make this paper plate […]

Recycled Cereal Box Snowman

This recycled cereal box snowman is a great craft to do anytime with supplies you have laying around the house! Gather an empty cereal box and any fun supplies you could possibly use.  Check the recycle bin, the garage and your leftover craft stash for all kinds of items! Start by covering the cereal box […]

Canning Lid Angel Ornament by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

Canning Lid Angel Ornament

Do you need an angel on your Christmas tree? Here’s a pretty little singing angel to bring a little Christmas cheer to the season! These are fun to make, lovely to look at and they make great gifts! To make this angel ornament you will need: Canning lid Peach craft paint White craft glue Pink […]

3 Glittery Craft Sticks Projects by @amandaformaro for Kix Cereal

3 Glittery Craft Stick Projects

It can’t be avoided, there’s something magical about glitter, and kids just love it! Add some of that magical glitter to the ever-famous craft stick, and you have a crafting day that everyone will love! Here are 3 classic craft stick ideas turned glittery with just a few supplies needed. For these glittery craft stick […]

Colorful Pasta Snowflake Ornaments

Kids love incorporating the holidays and seasons into their crafts and this project does just that! Make colorful snowflakes for ornaments or gift toppers for family and friends with just pasta, glue, paint and glitter! Start with pasta – we used the Fiori variety, but wagon wheels work well too! First, you’ll want to let […]

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids the Gift of Giving

It’s so fun to spoil your kids a little during the holidays—but it also feels good to balance that out with an important lesson: Giving can feel as good as (or even better than) getting. Here are five ways to encourage your child to think of others all year long!   1. Give a Christmas […]

5 Fun DIY Toys and Games

Kids learn, experiment and grow through play—so imagine how much more creativity can happen if they’re making their playthings as well! Here are five fun projects that let children make DIY toys—and play with them too. 1. Sssssssnakey Craft by Krafty Kym 2013 was the Chinese Year of the Snake, so send it off with […]

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