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Paper Plate Easter Characters by @amandaformaro

Paper Plate Easter Characters

Easter is a great holiday for families to gather together and do fun things with the kids to celebrate the coming of spring. There are several animals used to represent Easter, the most commonly known of course is the Easter Bunny, but chicks and sheep are also associated with this colorful time of year. Gather […]

Kid Science: Melting vs. Freezing

Here’s a fun experiment to help kids understand that salt makes ice melt. The scientific concept is the melting point, where salt affects the freezing point of ice and turns it back into water. But if that’s too complicated for your little one, this experiment makes it easy: Take ice, add salt, and use food […]

Food Art: An Easter Bunny Snack

Hippity, Hoppity, the Easter Bunny is coming soon!  Help your kids get excited for his arrival by serving them this super simple and super delicious Easter Bunny fruit snack.  With just 4 easy steps, you can whip up this snack faster than a bunny can hop.   What You’ll Need Ingredients: 1 slice of green […]

Cereal Box Sandbox

Summer is on its way, but if you just can’t wait to get outside in that sandbox, bring the joy indoors!  Or for, er, less tidy kids, to the front porch? You can turn a cereal box into a play zone. Let the kids decorate the box any way they like with paint, stickers or […]

Recycled craft: April Showers bring May Flowers Clothespin Wreath

Recycled Craft: April Showers Bring May Flowers Clothespin Wreath

What’s the best part of April Showers? All that rain helps the May Flowers grow! Here’s a fun rain and flower-inspired craft to make: an April Showers May Flowers clothespin wreath. Have fun arranging and rearranging this clever wreath, which is made of mostly of recycled materials. We recycled a cereal box and cardboard egg […]

April Fools' Day Food Tricks to Play on Your Kids

Who better to play April Fools’ Day tricks on than your kid? Watch as they fill their cereal bowl with milk that’s not quite right, and giggle as they bite into lunch that’s a bit too sweet. As long as they can pour their own milk they can be fooled by this cereal turning… blue. […]

Cottontail Kix Easter Snack

Oh no! It looks like lots and lots of bunnies lost their tails. This white cheddar Kix Easter snack is crunchy, bold, and super easy to mix up in mere minutes. Serve at a party or Easter brunch with tailless bunnies perched on the edge of the cup. I’m sure at least one of the […]

Kid Science: Craft Stick Chain Reaction

There are some scientific concepts that kids understand intuitively—but it’s great to build on that knowledge to show how science happens in everyday life! Here’s a fun kid science experiment that teaches the difference between potential and kinetic energy. You’ll need craft sticks—the more you have, the bigger a chain reaction you can create! 1. […]

Honey Kix Mango-Carrot Smoothies

Here’s a delicious way to get kids to try out new flavors (and sneak in some veggies) in a spring-y, sippable smoothie snack! To make Honey Kix Mango-Carrot Smoothies you will need: 1 1/2 cups frozen mango chunks (from 16-oz. bag) 3/4 cup carrot juice 1/2 cup Mountain High® Original plain yoghurt (from 32-oz. container) […]

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