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Fall Finger Puppet Characters

Fall Leaves Finger Puppets

Has the weather started to get a little chilly where you live? If so, the leaves will be turning colors soon and begin to fall from the trees. Now is a great time to have your kids make some fun fall leaf finger puppets from If the leaves aren’t quite falling yet, she’ll show […]

Mac n' Cheese Cups with Crunchy Kix Topping

Mac n’ cheese, undoubtedly, tops my desert island foods list. Classic, comforting, and delicious, it’s no wonder kids everywhere carry on the mac n’ cheese legacy by claiming it as their favorite meal. So what could possibly make mac n’ cheese even more kid-friendly? Turn it into cupcakes. Better yet, add a crunchy topping to […]

Game Day Dip -

Game Day Dip

It’s here! Football season, of course. Kids as young as five years old participate in organized football leagues and clubs all over the country, while their parents wildly cheer them on from the stands. Football is a time-honored tradition in the U.S. and many people make it a family affair. Kids and parents alike flock […]

Paper Airplane

Paper airplanes are one of those timeless toys that never gets old. This version from All for the Boys is simple to fold but flies really well. Try making your own with different sizes and types of paper and see how it affects flight.

Kix in Space! UFO Sandwich

PB & J on white bread, maybe the crusts are cut off. Snooze! PB & J spaceship filled with aliens and hurtling through space? Muuuuuch better. And you needn’t stick with peanut butter and jelly to make this fun sandwich.  Ham and cheese, avocado and tomato, egg salad, pickles and beets? The beauty of this […]

Rainbow Breakfast Bento Box

Even the most excited back-to-schooler can sometimes use a little extra encouragement to get brushed, backpacked and to the table on an early morning. This breakfast-in-bento-box gets the job done. Check out the whole how-to on  

We Believe All Kids Are Creative

They might be shy or outgoing, watchers or movers-and-shakers, artsy or writers or inventors or still-figuring-it-out-ers: there’s a creative soul in every kid. Together, let’s give them everything they need to explore and bloom!

5-Minute Breakfast: Kix Cereal Breakfast Burrito

It’s that time of year when mornings are rushed, and getting a unique breakfast on the table (or in your hands and out the door) seems a lost cause. Here’s a fun, but quick, breakfast idea for your next busy morning – Cereal Breakfast Burritos! In less than 5 minutes you can have a quick, […]

Paper Friendship Fortune Cookies by Amanda Formaro

Paper Friendship Fortune Cookies

Kids love to pass notes and share fun sentiments with friends. Friendship pens and friendship bracelets are a great way to share a special bond, so how about combining the two with these friendship fortune cookies? They are easy to make, you can use any colors you like, and they are great for both boys […]

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