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5 Snack Hacks

Are your kids bored with the same-old snacks? We’re here to help. From fun and inventive ways of traveling with snack foods, to new flavors and seasonings, here are 5 ideas that may help get your kids even more excited—and more creative—around snack time. 1) Car Snacks. When in doubt, make it salty and sweet. These […]

Oatmeal Container Drum @amandaformaro

Oatmeal Container Drum

I know what you’re thinking… “I remember making one of those when I was a kid!” Well, guess what? Your mom, and maybe even your grandmother remember making one too, in one form or another. This classic and nostalgic craft will be popular with your kids too! Children love to make music and create sounds. […]

Airplane Movie Snack Tray

Snack trays make at home movies so much more fun. It’s just like being in a movie theater! Combine that with a fun DIY craft project and you have a full afternoon of activities! Start with an empty cereal box and cut a piece out of the side. Leave a bit of a lip for […]

5 Outdoor Kid Craft Ideas

Kids have some of the most vivid and wild imaginations of anyone. One of the best ways you can encourage your kids to keep an active mind, and empower them as people, is by giving them a starting point for making, doing, and thinking—and then let them go at it. The next time you hear […]

A Rainbow of Explosions

  Using three very common household ingredients, things you most likely have in your pantry, you can create an explosion of rainbow colors that will wow the kids! The best part about this little kitchen science experiment is that children can be involved from beginning to end, all you need to do is show them […]

Magical Color Transfer by Amanda Formaro for

Magical Color Transfer

Have you ever wondered how plants are able to feed themselves from the ground upward? It’s called “capillary action”, which means the movement of water within a porous material, like a plant’s roots, or in our case, a paper towel! This fun science project is great for teaching kids about how plants feed, and it’s […]

Paper Plate Fruit Craft

Rainy days, or really hot days, can make indoor play a challenge for both parents and kids. This fun Paper Plate Fruit Craft from craftsbyamanda is a great way to keep everyone busy – and happy.  It’s also an awesome way to teach kids about new fruits, like kiwi!

Duck Tape Recycled Robot by Amanda Formaro for

Duck Tape Recycled Robot

Instead of tossing your empty cereal box in the recycle bin, save it to make this fun robot kid craft! Just think of all the recycled items in your kitchen that you could use to build your own creation. Vegetable cans and soda cans are great for legs and a head, while paper towel tubes […]

Glow in the Dark Bowling by Amanda Formaro for

Glow in the Dark Bowling

Glow sticks are the secret behind this nighttime game that the kids will love! It’s perfect for summertime fun and great for a family camping trip. However, you don’t have to reserve this fun glowing game for summer, it’s great for indoor fun as well. Are you hosting a slumber party or having a few […]

Bubble Art Kids Craft

Bubble art is a fun way to bring out your kid’s inner artist (and it’s less mess!). It’s easy: Mix food coloring and water into a bit of dish soap. Then use a straw to blow bubbles. Pick the bubbles up with the straw, and place over a sheet of paper. Then make art!

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