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Fall Tree Window Clings -

Fall Craft: Tree Window Clings

Fall is just about here, and with it comes the changing of the season’s gorgeous colors. Red, yellow, orange and green combine to create a beautiful sea of color in the trees above our heads. Kids are often fascinated by the magical change that takes place, so why not celebrate fall in all its glory […]

5 Ways to Get Your Kid's Imagination Going

Do your kids love using their imaginations, but occasionally need an extra nudge to get themselves thinking and making? Sometimes, giving your kid an idea and then letting their imaginations run free is the best way to get creative play started. Here are 5 ideas to help jumpstart their amazing minds. 1) Keep a journal. […]

Recycled Juice Box Boats

Summer is nearing its end and school has already started or is right around the corner. Lunch boxes will soon be coming home each day ready to be cleaned out and prepped for the next. Don’t throw away those empty juice boxes! Use them to create a fleet of boats or have a boat race! […]

Watch Hot Air Rise

Watching a spiral magically turn makes the idea of heat rising easy to understand: All you need is a piece of paper, thread, a lamp, a curious kid and these simple step-by-step instructions from Carrots Are Orange.

Cereal Snack Mix -

KiX Cereal Snack Mix

Finger foods are great for travel, the playground, or even just hanging out at home. They’re also super for your kid’s sports activities since you can make them for a quick and easy on-the-go snack. Making your own snack mix means that you decide what goes into it, giving you the control over what your […]

The Mighty Balancing Act

It’s simple physics—it doesn’t look  simple, but it is! Using just some cardboard and a paper clip, your kids can experiment with balance and weight, dangling toys and household items from the tip of their finger. Check it out with details from allfortheboys.

Make Colorful Rainbow Jellyfish from

Make Colorful Rainbow Jellyfish

Did you hit the beach this summer during your family vacation? Chances are you collected seashells, saw an occasional crab scurry across the sand, and maybe, just maybe, you spotted a jellyfish or two! Head over to Crafts by Amanda to get the instructions to make your own adorable jellyfish craft. They’re all decked out in […]

Kix Cereal Cones

It’s a favorite summer tradition: a drippy, melting and delicious ice cream cone. But sometimes you want just a little sweet something to share. Make a batch of these teeny Kix cereal cone treats to have and to hold, plus no melted mess.     First, melt 1¼ cups white vanilla baking chips in a microwavable bowl […]

How to make a Kix Kaleidoscope -

KiX Kaleidoscope

This classic boredom buster was a favorite from just about everyone’s childhood. Staring into the myriad of changing colors was always fun and a great way to spend a rainy afternoon! Why not make it an afternoon of crafting fun with your school aged kids? Little ones will love the final result, but the construction […]

How to Organize Recycled Materials for Crafts

Have you ever seen a fun kid craft idea only to realize you have none of the items needed on hand? Keeping recycled materials organized and ready is a great way to save yourself some time and allows  your child’s imagination to run wild! Here are a few tips on how to organize craft materials […]

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