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Kix Caterpillars on a Log

Sure, you can have ants on a log. But wouldn’t you rather have adorable, smiling caterpillars crawling across your peanut butter-stuffed celery sticks? Peanut butter in celery sticks was my go-to snack when I was a kid. Bugs would have made these way, way better, and it’s not often bugs make something way, way better. […]

Kids' Fashion Week

Dressing up can be one of the ways that kids express their creativity, especially if there are handmade touches in the mix. In honor of New York Fashion Week, we found two simply fun projects to make together and wear everywhere. The glittery kicks are from …love, maegan … …and the colorblock tie is from […]

Invent a Sport

Ever hear of Soccetag? Or Capture the Jumprope? Us either—because someone needs to make them up. What completely new game will your kid create? One fun angle: it can start with whatever they love playing most, then build on their strongest skills. Instant champion!

Pumpkin Kix Snack

Pumpkin Kix Snack

Add a little pumpkin spice kick to your regular Kix cereal for an autumn flair of fun! This sweet snack is easy to make, is done in 5 minutes, and even the kids can help make it. Great for just grabbing and eating, or for topping a tasty yogurt and apple parfait! You will need: […]

Grandparent's Day Play Date Kit

Being a grandparent must be so much fun. You get to do all the fun things with your grandkids that you loved doing with their parents when they were young. As a parent, you get to see your kids form great relationships with their grandparents. While sending them off to grandma and grandpa’s house is […]

DIY Cardboard Skyscraper and Parking Garage

A lot of times bigger is better with kids so this BIG skyscraper project is sure to be lots of fun. All you need is some boxes, tape and whatever materials you’d like to use to decorate your masterpiece (we used foil and construction paper). Assemble your boxes as high as you can. Once you have […]

Smoothie Poppers

  Fall’s in the air, and that means some early wake-ups are coming. Here’s a way to make breakfast worth bouncing out of bed for: Smoothie Poppers!

3-D Hand Drawing

It’s like a Hollywood special effect, right on your kitchen table. This awesome 3D-drawing activity from All for the Boys is also a fun way to sneak in a little lesson on artistic technique, plus kids can experiment with different color combinations and finger positioning to see what looks best.

Top Five Camping Activities

Packing up for a Labor Day away—or wishing you were headed to a campground? Just a few extra supplies (noodles, glue, googly eyes, pom-poms, birdseed, yarn) plus nature’s bounty (twigs, pine cones) will add creative, nature-themed activities to your weekend of R&R, plus we added a camping cake for staycation fun.   1) Make a […]

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